Global Wine Merchants Provenance Guarantee is an assurance of quality.

A wine's journey from the Chateau's cellars to where it is lying now is the most important factor in the condition of a bottle. Wine requires a cool, constant environment, yet is too often shipped around the world with less care than cartons of fruit. Despite the great care winemakers devote to every step in the vineyards and winery, transport and storage conditions can ruin wine before it ever reaches the consumer.

Unfortunately, the effects of poor provenance are rarely visible to the eye and once a wine is spoiled due to poor storage conditions it can never be restored. To drink a wine that is not 100%, is akin to drinking a wine from a lesser producer and in many cases may not taste like it was intended at all.

All our wines are sourced exclusively directly from it’s original supplier. Ex-Château for our Bordeaux selection and directly from the producer for all other regions and countries of origin.

Since bottling our wines have remained in optimal cellaring conditions until being transported entirely within our temperature & humidity controlled wine supply chain.

Once in our cellaring facility wines remain in an average constant temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, relative humidity of 65% with minimum levels of light (not on shelves) until delivery to your door.

This sets Global Wine Merchants apart from much of the French wine that is available in Australia today - the origin, shipping and cellaring conditions make a huge difference to the wine.

When you buy a fine wine whose provenance is assured, you will enjoy it just as the winemaker intended. Without this assurance you may never be certain.