Jones Winery: 
Jones Winery is one of the oldest and smallest wineries in the Rutherglen District. Established in 1860 by a German migrant named Fritz Ruhe, this was the first winery in Rutherglen where the devastating louse phylloxera, that wiped out all the vineyards in Victoria, was discovered.

Fritz lived long enough to see the vineyard replanted and died in 1914 at the age of 85. Fritz’s son William sold the winery to Clarence Carbery in 1925. He worked the property for two years before it was bought by Leslie Jones Senior (“Jimmy”). The property known as Jones Winery & Vineyard has remained in the Jones family ever since.


Henty Brothers: Jackson Brooke
The Henty Wine Region is in south western Victoria, approximately 300km west of Melbourne and 500km south east of Adelaide. The largest towns in the region are Portland, Warrnambool and Hamilton.
The area is endowed with natural beauty from the rolling redgum-dotted pastures of the north to the dramatic coastline of the south.

The Henty brothers arrived in Portland Bay in 1834 in the schooner "Thistle" and established the first permanent European settlement in Victoria.
They also brought the first grapevine cuttings to Victoria, according to the Thistle's cargo manifest. The Hentys helped to develop south west Victoria into a renowned pastoral and agricultural region - now an emerging viticultural area which bears their name.

The climate is characterised by cold, wet winters and warm, dry summers followed by a long cool autumn ripening period. Grapes ripen later here than in many other wine regions, resulting in superb intense varietal flavours.



PUNCH Wines:
Punch began on 1 January 2005, when we (James and Claire Lance) began leasing Lance’s Vineyard and Winery, Yarra Valley, from David and Catherine Lance. We believe that this vineyard has proven itself to be one of Australia’s distinguished sites, and our aim is to maximise the quality of the fruit grown here. In the winery we endeavour to minimise additions and wine movements, to keep oak in the background, and to be sensitive to each parcel of fruit. We want the wines to tell their own history.


South Australia


Landaire Wines: 
Landaire is a family owned label by David and Carolyn Brown. The small parcels of grapes for Landaire wines are carefully selected from their Glendon vineyard in Padthaway and are single vineyard wines. Their aim is to create uniquely crafted wines that express the individual characters of their terroir. 

The name ‘Landaire’ symbolises the importance of family, and the environment, the ‘land and air’, the terroir in which the vines are grown. Situated in the limestone coast with its west facing coastline, the climate is moderated by this maritime influence. The days during ripening are warm and dry, and the nights cool.

Jackson Brooke crafts singles vineyard wines that speak cleanly and clearly of what they are, when they were made and where the fruit was grown.