Why Shop with Global Wine Merchants?

Global Wine Merchants brings the world’s best wines to your door with a rigorous and informative selection process, competitive pricing and a reliable delivery service spearheaded by a passionate team of wine educated staff.

Wine Knowledge

Through years of experience, study, industry visits and targeted training


Created and nurtured over the years by regular and close association and mutual respect forged within the industry


Ensured by only working with industry leading producers

Home Delivery

Fast & efficient with beautiful packaging and all deliveries are handled with care


World Class Wines from Exclusive Wineries

At the Merchant Group, our ethos is simple; to be one of Australia’s most approachable and premium suppliers of International and homegrown fine wine, quality meat and small goods, we do this with our unique personal touch, servicing the restaurant and food service community along with the private sector. Our focus and partnerships are with local, small scale artisanal producers both here in Australia and farther afield. To enable this, we will continue building successful partnerships with our customers and our suppliers, and we work deeply with our customers to understand their needs and supply them with premium produce that is sustainably sourced and grown, not necessarily readily available through other sources. We strive to deliver delicious food and wine every day!